What is the BoP?

The phrase “Base of the Pyramid” is used for two interrelated concepts:

  1. a socio-economic designation for the 4-5 billion individuals that live primarily in developing countries and whose annual per capita incomes fall below $1,500 (in PPP terms); and
  2. an emerging field of business strategy that focuses on products, services, and enterprises to serve people throughout the base of the world’s income pyramid.

Both concepts are also often referred to as the “Bottom of the Pyramid” or the “BoP”.


“The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” by CK Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart, strategy+business, issue26, first quarter 2002

DBS has a dedicated team of bilingual professionals who have worked as consultants on BOP projects with Japanese companies. Some of our Japanese Bilingual consultants have worked very closely with BOP experts from Japan.