Translation and Localization

DBS Japanese language team deals with many international projects involving stakeholders with different languages and cultures. As a matter of necessity our consultants are bi-or multilingual, but we also have the localization and translation department dealing exclusively in language services to meet high volume, high speed, and special requirements. Our languages are mostly between English and Japanese but we also have access to resources capable in Chinese and Korean Languages.

The department consists of several teams. The financial specialist team which just joined our partner company in Japan has a new highlight of the department. Specializing in financial and IR – related translation, the team members all have financial analyst experience, and are spread around the world time-zones to provide fast service that is so essential in financial reporting.

This team has over 25 years of experience in the industry and many TSE listed clients who trust the team to provide them with product-worthy translations that require no rewrites before releasing to investors and the public.

Manufacturing, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Consumer Business, Energy & Resources, Financial Services; are some of the fields currently covered by the team.

Other teams have recently delivered to construction, engineering, solar power generation, IT, legal, general business correspondence, and other fields. We are translation –memory compatible and run native sense-check if required.

We are also able to provide interpreters under short ( 1/2 day) to long term (months to years) contracts.


Localization requires knowledge in both software development and linguistic expertise, which can often be hard to come by. Our localization team leader is a first class translator and also have the experience of leading the localization project of localizing the website of a major multinational financial information company.