DBS provides world class and high-end technology solutions to meet demand of domestic as well as foreign ( Special focus on Japanese clients ) clients employing latest in development technologies.

The emergence of a global economy and rapid escalation in information and communications technology, business enterprises are beginning to look across international borders for solutions to enhance the quality of their local operations. Non-core, service-oriented IT work processes are increasingly being outsourced to Offshore Development Centers (ODC) that offer value-added services. Our specialized services allow our business partners to focus on their core competencies. Today’s challenges require a committed partner who is agile and responsive with a comprehensive solution offering.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

  • Specialized pool of technology and domain resources, exclusively working for our business partner.
  • Combination of teams in across time zones can provide longer workdays.
  • Facility to Help in recruit, train and deploy resources.


Agile methodology overview

Requirement Study Our first step is to understand your business, your processes and your objectives, so we can create an effective IT strategy. These are brainstorming sessions that help determine the business objectives and marketing goals. Together, we work to clearly formulate your immediate and long-term goals. The observations are then analyzed and detailed strategy is prepared.
Designing and Prototyping We develop a working application prototype, and define modules and components wherever applicable. This stage also involves design testing and documentation of the standards that have been defined.
Engineering Our development team then builds the solution by implementing the software design and developing the required interfaces. At this stage, the solution is put through a range of quality assurance tests.
Coding and Unit Testing The coding of the software is then done by the skilled engineers to ensure the utility of the software. The unit testing is done to make sure that the working of the software is moving as per the requirement and the purpose of building the software is not lost.
Integration and Testing The dedicated testing team tests the software by keeping in mind the infrastructure and conditions at your site. This helps in minimizing the problems after implementing the software.
Implementation After the integration, we implement the software solution and analyze how the solution performs. We also complete the documentation for the project and make a presentation on how to approach the next generation of the solution.
Maintenance Maintenance is equally important. It should not create any hitch in your business. Keeping in mind the software is designed that is very easy to maintain. The maintenance of the software provided on proactive basis. A proper definition of maintenance is provided to the client and accordingly the maintenance is done so as to get the optimum results.

Project Execution

Our strength is in developing customized software solutions and product development. We also provide support and maintenance services for software applications.

Our bilingual (Japanese & English) development teams work as bridge for the localization of products and services.
DBS has offshore development center located in Gurgaon/New Delhi India. We have a team of multi-skilled and bilingual software engineers and project management personnel, who have experience in developing and managing software applications in open systems technology platforms.

In order to overcome the challenges and realize benefits of offshore outsourcing, we carefully execute any given projects. The information management, application platform and portfolio are given great care. We have a robust onsite offshore project execution model. The analysis and listing of specification of the project are done onsite and then the modeling and design is prepared offshore. The prepared design is further reviewed onsite for verifying feasibility. Once the design is finalized the prototyping and construction is done offshore. This prototyping is reviewed again onsite to assure the accuracy. After the evaluation prototyping unit testing and integration is done offshore. This is further integrated onsite and checks and fixes are done offshore if required. The deliverables are implemented onsite and upon acceptance the project is closed with its warranty. This short but efficient process is displayed in the figure below.